About Note.Rocks

Note.Rocks allows you to create simple, secure, shareable notes.


Enter a note, choose a password, and that's all! The more adventurous can also set the note to be editable later, or have it expire and be deleted automatically.


Note.Rocks puts the security of your notes first!

What does this mean?


Sharing notes on Note.Rocks is trivially easy. Just send around the unique link to the note!

If the receiving party knows the password to the note, they will be able to view it.

How It Works

Note.Rocks is powered by the TripleSec JavaScript library. It encrypts and decrypts notes in your browser using Salsa 20, AES, and Twofish, making it extremely difficult to decrypt your note without the key, even if two of these algorithms are compromised sometime in the future.

On the server, we only store the encrypted version of your note and some note metadata, if you choose to enable note expiration or editing. In fact, we welcome you to monitor the network requests between your browser and Note.Rocks using your favorite browser's developer tools to verify that this is true.

Note.Rocks aims to only run JavaScript in your browser that you can examine and verify. Feel free to view the source of any Note.Rocks page, including the JavaScript files included at the bottom. All third-party libraries are free and open-source software, and any JavaScript code specific to Note.Rocks is included in the full readable source form so you can analyze what it is doing.

Questions? Feedback?

We'd love to hear it! Please send us an email (see the Contact page).

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